Am I a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

You could be a candidate for weight loss surgery or procedures if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of or over 30.
  • Your serious attempts to lose weight have had only short-term success.
  • You are experiencing severe negative health effects, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, related to being severely overweight.
  • You are unable to achieve a healthy body weight for a sustained period of time even through medically supervised dieting.

Are you a candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Dr Stephen Watson and his team have specialised in weight loss surgery since 1999 and during that time, have performed thousands of weight loss surgeries, including gastric sleeve, gastric binding, gastric bypass, and intagastric balloon. Most surgeries are laparoscopic.

Our bariatric practice has a dedicated and driven team which is comprised of surgeons, anaesthetists and doctors who assist with band adjustments as well as dieticians and exercise specialists to help you form a long-term plan for weight loss success. In addition, physiological support is available for every weight loss surgery patient.

Your weight loss goals become ours as we work with you through surgery preparation, the surgery itself, and ongoing weight loss after surgery.

If your weight is a concern to you, transformation is possible. Download our Am I a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery guide to find out if you are suitable.

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